Doctors must embrace regulation to push cannabis research forward

The Canadian medical community needs to embrace new cannabis regulations to drive new studies, according to physician and technology entrepreneur Dr. Jamison Feramisco.

Medical cannabis is undergoing a transformation in Canada. Health Canada has only recently given family physicians the responsibility to prescribe medical cannabis and many doctors are looking for cannabis-specific resources.

Dr. Feramisco sees an opportunity to combine Health Canada’s regulations with new technologies to create a platform that collects far more health information and statistics than ever before.

These new data sets can be used as the basis for future research and studies on dosage requirements and success rates related to medical cannabis treatments.

Dr. Feramisco seeks to create the world’s first medical map of cannabis by using technology like electronic health records, wearable health censors and advanced computer software to bring together a personalized diagram of medical relationships.

With the results of this new research, doctors will have a clear understanding of when and how much to prescribe based on the individual needs of a patient and the unique circumstances of an illness.