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General Overview

The CanaCard system is a platform that manages the end-to-end transactions involved with providing safe access to Medical Cannabis (‘MC’) for Canadian citizens. The CanaCard platform employs a unique patient identification code to access an SQL database designed to securely store personal data, account balances, transactional volume, research data and patient management tools.  The database is accessible by the patient, certified doctors and licensed producers only, and is used to monitor the individual patient and provide enhanced treatment recommendations through a patient feedback loop that compares the doctor’s recommended and prescribed treatment with actual results in order to optimize and improve future patient care.

The CanaCard platform is a medical services software system that provides a PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) compliant safe, secure, Doctor-Patient-Licensed Marijuana Provider interface. It includes accurate third party medical and financial reporting mechanisms for all groups concerned in the medical care environment.  The system will also track financial transactions and create tax and other key reports to all required levels of government.

The CanaCard itself, a credit card sized identification card, is an integral part of the CanaCard system that allows the patient online access to all the data available to the patient within the system. Once activated, the card is then used by the patient to select, purchase and take delivery of all MMJ requirements as spelled out in their prescription.

A Patient’s CanaCard

System Detail

Doctor Portal

· The CanaCard process starts with the patient’s first visit to a CanaCard Clinic/Doctor, who begins the process with a patient evaluation, very similar to current methods, based on emergency care evaluation (SOAP notes, a uniform protocol taught to Doctors for examinations in Canada & US).

· Formal diagnosis is documented using built-in provincial insurance codes (i.e. OHIP in Ontario) and ICD codes (used by insurance companies for billing) to create a comprehensive, fully PIPEDA compliant medical record.

· If it is determined that a patient qualifies for MMJ, an assistant will take the patient’s photo and issue a temporary CanaCard photo I.D. card with a unique identification number, which allows access to the information described here, including the prescription details.  That information is then sent to a secure database managed by AHI, where a new picture ID card is created and mailed to the patient.

Patient Portal

· Patients are required to complete their patient profile online using his or her unique I.D. number to complete the CanaCard application and deposit funds from his or her credit card to purchase MMJ medicine, as per the prescription information, online through Licensed Producers (LP) websites with the medications delivered to their home.

· Once at the LP’s website, the CanaCard system identifies the patient’s prescription, and fulfills the order for home/office delivery based on the patient’s status and funds available.

· Each time a patient goes online to purchase additional medicine, he or she will be asked for feedback on recent treatments.  Those results compiled along with other patients with similar symptoms will help all parties better understand the needs of the patient and the effects of the various strains of MMJ.

Licensed Provider Portal

· Customized websites will allow growers to monitor product availability and sales by entering the gross weight when product becomes ready to sell, (Inventory and Quality control).

· The CanaCard System provides the grower with assurances that the patient has a legitimate prescription with purchase availability, as sales are automatically deducted from the patient’s prescription and mailed as per the patient orders. (Compliance)

· The grower is paid through the card and all required financial and physical reporting is automatically updated, and if desired, transferred directly to QuickBooks for financial and tax purposes. (Accountability)

· Patients are able to read reviews of Licensed Producers various MMJ strains, and other pertinent information, as well as reporting feedback from their own experience.