Doctors must embrace regulation to push cannabis research forward

The Canadian medical community needs to embrace new cannabis regulations to drive new studies, according to physician and technology entrepreneur Dr. Jamison Feramisco.

Medical cannabis is undergoing a transformation in Canada. Health Canada has only recently given family physicians the responsibility to prescribe medical cannabis and many doctors are looking for cannabis-specific resources.

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Time to rethink cannabis in cancer pain treatment

Medical cannabis is an “underutilized” method of treating pain associated with cancer according to Toronto-based orthopedic surgeon Dr. Peter Ferguson.

Speaking at the Physicians Medical Cannabis Seminar, Dr. Ferguson called for a closer look at using cannabis in place of conventional drugs to treat pain following cancer-related surgeries.

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Study finds 92% of patients say medical marijuana treatment works

The Washington Post recently reported on a new study from the California-based Public Health Institute that finds over 92% of patients found medical marijuana gave them relief from a wide range of symptoms.

Results from the study are based on a survey of 7,525 Californian adults who rely on medical marijuana to treat a range of medical conditions like arthritis, chronic pain and cancer.

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